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Parenting Doesn’t Burn Many Calories

I have a 2 yr. old, and before she started walking, I used to carry her all over the house, up and down the stairs. I remember having her with me while I attended to my chores like vacuuming . It definitely felt like a workout to me, and despite putting a stop to my […]

All new: physical activity guidelines for pregnant women

Then: People used to believe that physical exercise can be harmful to the unborn baby. After all, pregnancy was referred to as that “delicate condition” and doing anything strenuous could be lead to spontaneous abortion or pre-term birth. Now: Exercise is encouraged for women during pregnancy and after delivery. It is beneficial to the health […]

Preschoolers In Home Care Need More Physical Activity

According to research released at the 55th Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), preschoolers in family or home based child care situations are not meeting physical activity recommendations. With millions of children in some kind of child care situation, and an increasing rate of obesity in young children, studies such as […]

Raising Active Kids

According to an article on American Trails, visits to the United States National Parks have been steadily decreasing over the years. And everywhere we turn, experts are warning us about the negative effects of our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, the number one being that our children are becoming the same. Coupled with the unhealthy eating habits […]

Exercise and aging: those who live slow will die young

Physical activity keeps you young while sedentary lifestyle shortens your life. This is the result of a UK-based study on aging. Basically, they compared the lengths of telomeres in active and sedentary individuals. Telomeres are found at the ends of a person’s chromosomes and they help protect the DNA from wearing down. They become shorter […]

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