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Babies, Toddlers and Dogs: Helping Babies and Dogs Get Along

I’ve never been the kind of person to refer to the dog as my furry baby, or buy her outfits, or attempt to carry her around in a fluffy pink crystal embellished dog handbag.  Still, I love my dog and I think she’s a bit fond of me, in a “oh, there’s that person who […]

The “First” family dog

63% of Americans have a pet. Cats top the list, but if you’re the president, you must have a dog. Not that it’s in the job description, but 100% of US presidents for the last 85 years have had a pooch. And our next president is not about to change that legacy. And besides, he […]

Family pets feel the financial crisis, too

Cheryl Lang spends her days inspecting foreclosed homes. Business is picking up for her lately. But when she walked into the backyard of an Arkansas home, she discovered something that probably made her wish she’d taken the day off. Three dogs, locked in their pet carriers, had been left behind by the evicted homeowners. Without […]

Three dog attack stories. Only one of them has a happy ending.

I like dogs, I really do. But the stories keep getting worse. And all I can say is, ‘Hooray’ for the boy who bit the dog. I do not consider myself a perfect mom. Far from it. I’ve done stupid things and the only difference between tragedy and me was good luck. And I know […]

Are our pets toxic?

Pesticides in fruits and vegetables? Growth hormones in milk? BPA in water bottles? These are just some of the health issues that we are worried about and try to avoid. But what we probably don’t know is that our pets can be carriers of toxins, too. This is based on the study of a Washington-based […]

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