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Have You Tried

A few weeks ago I was invited to a party by a friend of mine. She sent out invitations via e-mail and at first I was pretty apprehensive because it said something along the lines of “Come to my HouseParty!” which to me screamed of a home party where you have to sit through cheesy […]

Clothing swap parties

Okay. We know how much you love that tiny pink tutu with the matching headband but your baby outgrew it at least six months ago and she’s getting odd looks from the other babies at story time. Instead of holding on to clothes that have passed their load limit, consider taking a picture of your […]

Children’s parties Belgian style

Caveat: When I speak of throwing children’s parties the Belgian way, I am referring to parties my son has attended as a toddler in Flanders, the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium (as opposed to the French and German-speaking regions).

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