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When Everything Goes…Right

My son had hie ear tube surgery this morning. It was the third surgery he has been through, and considering he’s not even four yet that’s a pretty big deal. His first surgery was to put ear tubes in and remove his adenoids, the second surgery was to remove the ear tubes and do a […]

Hello Kitty Hospital

In Taiwan, a 30 bed maternity hospital recently opened. The hospital cost $3 million to construct. That’s not news.  The fact that the hospital,  Hau Sheng Hospital, is decorated with a “Hello Kitty” theme is news. Hello Kitty is a chubby Japanese cartoon cat that has a following worldwide.  In the United States, the character enjoyed a brief stint of popularity […]

Round Ligament Pain, Symptoms and Treatment

This week, I took my 30 minutes recommended cardio per day and saved it all up for one day! Trust me, ladies, this is not a good idea! My husband, my niece, her friend and I decided to walk from 10th Street in New York City’s East Village all the way up Broadway and 52nd […]

Surviving With A Screaming Infant

Very few things in life rattle you like a screaming baby that just can’t be comforted. The frustration, fear and anger experienced by most parents with an infant that can’t be consoled is very real, and very rarely talked about. My second child was a screamer. She came out screaming and now, 13 years later, […]

Does Labor Hurt?

Does labor hurt? Why yes, it certainly does. You’ll hear many different stories from many different moms who talk about their own labor experiences, and one thing you’ll notice is that everyone has a different take on the subject. Some women will tell tales of horrible, gut-wrenching pain that they never forgot while other women […]

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