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Dining Out with Kids

Summer goes by so quickly. Before you know it, the school year has started and chill has filled the air. Before you dig out the winter coats, take some time to enjoy the sunshine. Even for busy parents, it’s important to spend some family time outdoors (with sunscreen on, of course!). If you’re short on […]

Think Outside the Playground

It was a cool spring day here, which I love. We are both ultra-fair skinned and burn so easily, so the summer hat battle and sunscreen tantrum were not an issue. It was a perfect day to be outside, so we drove a little way out of the city and went for a hike. Just […]

Tree Time

It’s finally spring, and if you’re looking for an outdoor activity that both you and your kids will enjoy, head outdoors. Whether it’s your own backyard or in a local park, go out and enjoy the spring weather. And while you’re at it, make it a learning experience for both you and the kids with […]

The Europeans’ love for the outdoors

This post was partly inspired by fellow blogger brit’s post on spending time outdoors with kids and partly by my boys’ preschool schedule of activities. Springtime is expected to be here soon and according to their schedule, lots of time will be spent going to the forest, hiking, and exploring nature’s seasonal changes. And with […]

Strategies to keep kids active and moving

It was feedback time at the preschool the other week and we were so happy to hear positive feedback from our twins` teachers. ‘They eat well, they play well with the other kids (most of the time), they have excellent fine and gross motor skills – and they love the outdoors.’ This last bit was […]

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