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Family Stories from the Winter Olympics

You would never associate the Olympic games with family dramas, right? But this year’s 2010 Vancouver Olympics has more than its usual portion of family stories. Here are couple: Father and daughter make Olympic history Athanasios and Panagiota are part of the 7-person Greek Olympic team. The pair will be competing in the biathlon category. […]

What Kids Can Learn From the Winter Olympics

We are not “TV watchers”. Our kids get a maximum of 20 minutes of TV a day, on most days none at all. We’ve all heard the debates about over-exposure of kids to TV. On the other hand, we are a family who believe in the benefits of sports. And since moving to Switzerland, three-and-a-half […]

The Cost of Raising An Olympian

I watched the Olympics the other night, and twice, I saw parents hugging each other in joy, with tears running down their face, and I thought I saw relief mixed in with them as well. Finally, all the hard work has paid off. When Shawn Johnson, gymnastics gold medalist, saw her scores, her parents were […]

Michael Phelps and His Father

Since the stories about the historical nature of Michael Phelps’ eight gold medals had been beaten to death by the mainstream media before the end of the Beijing Olympics, a new Phelps-centric story was needed to capitalize on his fame. Unfortunately, most of the swimming events were completed, leaving the media no more opportunities to […]

Olympics, gender, and motherhood – now and then

When Dara Torres (US), and Constantina Tomescu (Romania) won medals last week in swimming and marathon, respectively, nobody batted an eyelid. Why should they? Many other women like them –Paula Radcliffe (UK, long distance runner) and Lindsay Davenport (US, tennis player), to name a few – have achieved athletic feats not unheard of in this […]

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