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Letting Kids Walk to School

School had already started here in Switzerland when the ‘walk to school’ debate started in the US in September this year. It was partly initiated by an article in the New York Times ‘Why can’t she walk to school?’ The story featured a mother who let her 7-year old girl, a second grader in upstate […]

Are SAHM Kids Healthier?

I used to be an office-based working mom. Currently I am a work at home mom (wahm), which unfortunately, many people don’t take seriously as work. But I am a working mom and my kids are at a childcare facility while I am typing this on my home computer. It is with trepidation that I […]

Childhood obesity linked to infant weight gain, phthalates

There is a growing body of evidence that the current problem of obesity can be traced back to childhood, even back to the womb. A recent post reported that 1 in every 5 4-year olds is overweight or obese. In this post I present the latest research updates on childhood obesity. The growth charts and […]

One in Five Four-Year-Olds is Obese

One in five preschoolers are obese, according to researchers at Ohio State University. That adds up to half-a-million obese four year olds in America. Baby fat is adorable, and even necessary for survival. Babies are designed to be fat, because fat is needed to help babies regulate their temperature. Those adorable little rolls around their […]

Alliance Healthcare Initiative: Insurance companies join the fight against childhood obesity

It is nice to know that some insurance companies can also have a social conscience and join the fight against obesity. We have already featured one such initiative – Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. Another initiative is called the Alliance for a Healthier Generation which is a joint initiative of the American Heart Association […]

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