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BUI: Breastfeeding Under the Influence

What do you think about the mother in this case? A 26-year-old North Dakota mom was arrested for breastfeeding her baby while she was drunk. Police were called to her home to investigate a domestic disturbance, and found Stacey Anvarinia breastfeeding her 6-week-old baby. The officers believed that she was drunk and arrested her. Last […]

Why I Miss My Belly

I miss my pregnant belly.  You may wonder why in the world I would miss having a huge stomach that didn’t allow me to tie my own shoes, but there was just something amazing about having a big pregnant belly.  When the point came when I couldn’t suck in my belly anymore there was a […]

Comfortably Nursing in Public

Do you nurse in public? When I first began breastfeeding my son, I was extremely shy about nursing in front of anyone. The last thing I wanted was for anyone to see any more skin than I might want to show someone, whether I was in public or even at home with guests. But after […]

More Ways to Increase Your Milk Supply

My five-month-old daughter is a sporadic eater. Some days, she wants to eat every hour, for an hour at a time, and I can’t make enough milk to keep her satisfied. Other days, she’s on a nice every three or four hour schedule. On those days, I keep walking into stuff with my boobs because […]

Comfortable Breastfeeding

Nursing your baby should be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for you both, right? Then why is it that so many women find the experience to be difficult, uncomfortable or pain-inducing? Before you throw in the towel and turn to formula, there are a few things that you can try to make the process of […]

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