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Common Traits of Newborn Babies

What do newborns actually look like after birth? Here are a few common characteristics your baby may or may not have.

Parenting Tips For Baby’s First Trip Out

I had a sudden realization the very first time I took my newborn daughter out of the house on my own for a quick errand: My husband was the only person who had taken her out of her car seat carrier up until that point, and I had no idea how to do it. The […]

3 Things New Moms Should Ignore

Becoming a new mom is thrilling and incredibly rewarding, but it can be a weird transition too, especially if you go from working full-time outside the home to suddenly staying home with a baby all day long. My abrupt transition was from full-time mortgage loan officer to confused, bleary-eyed, nightgown-stained, sleep deprived stay-at-home mother of a […]

When Baby Rejects The Pacifier

When I was pregnant with my first child, I read article after article about how babies would get hooked on pacifiers. I read about moms who were desperate to figure out how to get their older babies to stop using their beloved pacifiers, how frequent pacifier use might cause delays in speech as well as […]

Why I Miss My Belly

I miss my pregnant belly.  You may wonder why in the world I would miss having a huge stomach that didn’t allow me to tie my own shoes, but there was just something amazing about having a big pregnant belly.  When the point came when I couldn’t suck in my belly anymore there was a […]

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