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Sibling Adjustment

When my wife was pregnant, we made a concerted effort to encourage our daughter’s belief that he was her baby, that somehow he was a communal baby, the family’s baby, if you will. When she talked about the upcoming event, it wasn’t “Mommy is going to have a baby!” It was “I’m going to be […]

Two Soon

In one week, my wife and I will get up very early, leave our daughter with my in-laws, and drive to the hospital. A few hours after we leave I will be a father of two. I have spent a lot of time these last few months thinking about how I will handle being a […]

Preparing for a new baby: Involving Your Child

When preparing for a new baby, one of the most important preparations, if applicable, is that of your other children. Life can become very confusing when a new baby is added to the mix. Children can feel out of place, less loved and sometimes even ignored. It is important for parents to take some preemptive […]

Preparing for a new baby: Caregivers and Parents

There is a lot to be done in preparation for a new baby. This post, followed by one more will discuss the preparations focused around older siblings and how to prepare them as well as their caregivers (for when parents are in the hospital or caring for the new baby) for the arrival of a […]

Thoughts On Two

In less than three weeks, I will be a parent of two. The days where I can think to myself my wife is taking care of the kid; therefore I can read/sleep/watch tv/browse the internet/whatever will soon be gone. The number of people under three feet in height, who cannot operate the stove or bathe […]

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