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Hanging on to Nap Time

As your child grows out of babyhood they’ll gradually decrease the amount of time in a day they spend sleeping. ┬áThe average amount of sleep may go down from 16-20 hours a day for babies up to 6 months, to 13 hours a day on average for those 1-2 yrs old, and then 12 hours […]

How to put twin babies to sleep

I have very little experience in putting one baby to sleep. I can’t tell you how to put three or more babies to sleep at the same time. But as a mom of twins, I sure do know how to put twin babies to sleep. At least my babies. Because every baby is different. Here […]

Overtired Babies

I just got my son into bed. I think I need a large glass of red wine, it’s been a long day. He’s almost three and some days he still naps, some days he doesn’t. It depends on how well he slept the night before, how busy a morning we had, what time he got […]

Fetal Movement: A Kicking Good Time?

One of the more exciting aspects of pregnancy, aside from decorating the nursery, is getting to feel your baby move inside your womb. The first flutters that begin to appear anywhere from Week 16 to 25 make the pregnancy suddenly feel more ‘real.’ There’s life growing inside you, and now you can feel it! For […]

Naps Can Improve Your Memory

Good news, sleepy heads. Sleeping during the day may not be a waste of time after all. According to the latest study by researchers at the Harvard Medical School, daytime sleep may actually improve your memory performance. The study was participated by 11 men and 22 women with an average age of 23.3 years old. […]

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