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Do You Really Need A Changing Table?

Many people, new parents included, are closely evaluating their purchases to stretch their dollars as far as possible. Some budget stretching ideas may include purchasing gently used items at thrift stores or borrowing items from friends. Another great way to stretch your budget dollars is to simply not buy items you won’t use regularly. Is […]

Saving Money on Baby Items

Now that we have two children, my husband and I like to think we’ve figured a few things out. We know how to diaper the kids so that they (usually) don’t leak. We can tell when they’re hungry – and when they’re just acting up because they’re kids. But most of all, we’ve figured out […]

Saving for College-Starting NOW!

When fellow blogger Tamsen Butler mentioned a baby who was getting professional pedicures once a week, my first reaction was: ?Wouldn?t it be better to take that $10/week and put it away for college?? Call me crazy, but I believe it?s never too early to start saving for college! Average college costs for a private, […]

Single Moms are Best at Teaching Children the Value of Money

Single mothers – and their children – tend to be criticized in the press. When reports of delinquent children make the news, it’s always mentioned if the child is from a one-parent home. The single moms I know are all wonderful mothers, and here’s a piece of positive news for single mothers. According to a […]

Money Can Make You Happy – If You Give It Away

Is happiness linked to how we spend our money? Apparently yes, according to a recent study published in Science. And shoppaholics would be surprised to hear the results – spending money on other people is more fun than spending money on one’s self. And, after you’ve spent money on other people, you gain more satisfaction […]

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