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An Interview With a Surrogate

What is it like to spend nine-plus months carrying someone else’s baby? How can you not get attached to the baby growing inside you? How can you talk yourself through morning sickness, swollen ankles and back pain when you don’t get the ultimate payoff of holding your own precious baby when all is said and done? I was very fortunate […]

Remembering The “Forgotten” Mothers on Mother’s Day

For many mothers, Mother’s Day is a day to be endured and survived, not celebrated.  I learned this on Mother’s Day 2006.  Our first born son had been stillborn and we’d buried him less than a month before.  I remember going to church that day and noticing that a baby baptism ceremony had been planned […]

The Second Pre-Natal Appointment

Today I’m going to share my second pre-natal appointment with Babies Online readers! My hope is that maybe this will be helpful to you though. I was nervous today because I’ve miscarried around four months before.  I am spotting now.  Is it “normal” or a sign of something ominous? At first, they had trouble finding the […]

Bleeding During Pregnancy

When you are pregnant, bleeding or spotting can cause a lot of worry and wonder.  Such experiences are supposedly common: about 1/4 of all pregnant women will experience bleeding or spotting during her pregnancy according to statistics. How do you know that your bleeding is just “simply bleeding” and not a sign of miscarriage?  There are […]

Caught between despair and hope: misdiagnosed miscarriage

Lost and then found again. Caught in despair, yet daring to hope. A case of a most welcome misdiagnosis. Is she pregnant or is she not? Erika Kain shared her experience about her misdiagnosed miscarriage at poked and prodded. Hers is an incredible and unusual story. So many terms are bandied around in connection with […]

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