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The 5 Second Rule

We’ve been visiting a child psychologist  for the past few months in an attempt to help my young son cope with his father going away on military assignment, so I’m learning a lot about the best ways to ask for compliance from him. I’ll pause while everyone chuckles over the idea of trying to get consistent […]

Military Family: Psychological Effects on the Children

For the record, I am a military wife and my husband is set to deploy to Iraq in two months. He leaves today actually, for some additional training and briefing.  We have a two-year old daughter. A recent study reveals that children of  U.S. Veterans who have been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq are showing […]

Remembering The “Forgotten” Mothers on Mother’s Day

For many mothers, Mother’s Day is a day to be endured and survived, not celebrated.  I learned this on Mother’s Day 2006.  Our first born son had been stillborn and we’d buried him less than a month before.  I remember going to church that day and noticing that a baby baptism ceremony had been planned […]

Preparing for Single Parenthood

My husband will soon be moving to another country for a year as a result of a military assignment.  He’s gone away before, but the longest he had ever been gone was for six months.  A year is a long time to be gone, so essentially I get to be a single mom for the […]

Military Parents

My husband is in the military. It’s how we met, actually , because I spent a few years in the Air Force as well. Consequently, my husband periodically has to leave sometimes, and unlike other husbands it’s not for a short business trip. We’re talking months on end. It’s not easy, but I understand his […]

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