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What To Do With Your Kid’s Arts and Crafts

Nowadays, it is much easier to document our children’s milestones: the first tooth, the first word, the first step. The subsequent years will be witness to the first day at kindergarten, the first soccer match or the first ballet recital. All these memories are easily captured in a digital camera, compiled in a digital photo […]

The Unsung Milestones…Stop Worrying Baby Isn’t Walking Yet

It is so, so, so exciting to see your baby take her first steps. The expression of amazement, concentration, and joy on her face, the adorable, wobbly, tentative steps, the priceless moment when they realize that nothing is holding them up. Cue startled expression, loss of balance, and ker-plop onto the floor. Having spent the […]

The Milestones Nobody Writes About

Fellow blogger Brit recently posted about her favorite things about children of different ages. I saw this as a great opportunity to write a blog post about a few funny stories that have been on my mind. Until I read Brit’s post, I wasn’t sure how to give them any coherency. My daughter is just […]

Milestones, Memories and “Mom-guilt”

Throughout my life I’ve gone through phases where I write poetry. Unlike other writing, which is a job, I find it relaxing, more like a game. My daughter just turned four months old, and I realized I still hadn’t written a poem for her. I’m happy that the Babies Online site  owner has permitted me […]

Baby’s First Solid Food

I didn’t want to do it. I really wanted to hold out until 6 months to introduce solid foods. Breast milk has all the nutrients she needs right now, and she’s growing up fast enough as it is. Why rush things? But after sleeping five to seven hour stretches for weeks, Ashley woke up hungry […]

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