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Liquid Tylenol for Infants Recalled

Johnson & Johnson is recalling more than half a million bottles of Grape Liquid Tylenol for children under the age of 2 years old due to a dosing issue which can occur if a protective covering is mistakenly broken while extracting the medicine form the bottle. So far, no injuries have been reported and parents […]

Nursing a Cold While Breastfeeding

It stinks to be a sick mom. There’s no way around that. Housework still needs to be done, dinner cooked, children cared for – even if you feel as if you just want to down a shot of Nyquil and crawl under the covers for about a week. When you’re a nursing mother – whether […]

How To Give Your Child Medication

I remember my baby shower for my first daughter.  I got the cute “safety” kit.  It had a nail trimmers, a nasal aspirator and a medicine dropper.  I felt like I could conquer the world with that kit.  Then my child arrived.  I was afraid to trim her nails lest I hurt her.  That nasal […]

Sneaky Ways to Help Your Baby Heal

My son has been struggling with a variety of ear and throat infections the past few months. We’ve been struggling to get him his medicine and also to keep him hydrated. Some children don’t mind taking their medicine, but others really protest. My son is a protester. If your baby doesn’t like to take his […]

How To Make Common Treatments Less Scary

I guess it’s inevitable that whatever bug is going around will eventually reach my household. Yup, my family is recovering from the flu. Fortunately for my 6-month old,? she had the flu shot,? and only came down with a cough and cold. Unfortunately for her Dad and me, we didn’t. The viral-bacterial gods decided to […]

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