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Your Baby Might Be A Polyglot

Ok, so maybe your baby can’t speak multiple languages, but they sure do cry in their native language… read on. For the untrained ears, it’s just a newborn baby’s cry. For scientists, it’s a series of pitches based on a language – the mother language. There have been studies showing that a baby in the […]

Wave Your Arms When You Talk to Your Baby

Point, and clap, and gesture, and do the hand actions to intsy-bitsy spider. According to researchers in Chicago, when you do, you’ll be helping your child develop language skills. Parents who gesture with meaning when they are talking to their babies and toddlers boost their child’s language development. Apparently, waving bye-bye as well as saying […]

Baby’s First Words

For many English-speaking children, the words “mama” and “dada” are two of the first words they learn to say consistently. Traditional logic dictates that the reason for this is because a baby is drawn to their parents, and (in most cases) their parents are the predominant people in their young lives. However, scientists believe they […]

New! Baby’s First Sounds from Baby Einstein

Baby Einstein – Where Discovery Begins(TM) Baby’s First Sounds from Baby Einstein Perhaps the sweetest sounds you’ll ever hear are the babbles and coos that one day become ma-ma, da-da, and I love you. Besides being music to your ears, these baby steps of language change everything as your little one discovers an exciting, powerful […]

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