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Before the Milk Comes

My friend told me a story about when she was pregnant and her milk suddenly showed up unexpectedly. She was out to lunch with her husband and mother-in-law when she suddenly realized everyone was staring at her chest.  She looked down and was horrified to see that her breasts were leaking milk right through her […]

Nursing Bras

The bra I’m wearing right now is frilly and feminine and has an under-wire.  Why am I telling you this? I’m revealing this personal tidbit because I want to get across to all you nursing moms that you won’t have to wear an ugly, milk-stained bra forever, despite how you may feel right now with regards […]

Facebook bans breastfeeding

Karen Speed, like many women around the world, has a Facebook page where she uploads pictures of herself and her three sons. But when this Canadian woman recently tried to log in to her account, she was surprised to find out she had been suspended for inappropriate use. “I was kind of confused,” said Karen […]

How Important Is a Lactation Consultant

They are also referred to as lactation specialists, and these relative newcomers to the healthcare field help mothers with a number of issues. You may find them working in the hospital where you had your delivery, but some also practice privately. Many mothers are frustrated when their newborn refuses to latch when they try breastfeeding […]

Alcohol consumption and breastfeeding

It’s a popular belief that alcohol consumption actually helps in milk production. I’ve never tried this myself during my breastfeeding – er- rather breast milk pumping months but some mothers swear to this technique. The question is – is there scientific evidence to support this belief? And perhaps, an even more important question is how […]

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