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The Benefits of the Boppy

I’ve heard a lot of moms say they received a Boppy pillow and never used it because they weren’t sure what to do with it. Then there are Boppy enthusiasts who say they couldn’t live without the comfy horseshoe-shaped pillow. I fall into the latter category. I use it for everything! So to help Moms […]

Growing Up Too Fast?

Before I had a baby, everyone told me how much faster life flies by with kids. And I believed them, in the same way someone has never experienced it can. The same way you believe people who say, “Everything changes once you get married,” but you don’t really know what they mean until you unpack […]

How Old Is “Too” Old?

We see incredible articles every day about moms who have done everything they can to conceive but sadly only some are blessed with children.  Recently, I’ve noticed a trend where older–and I say this delicately–women are having children. Doing a quick web search, I found that women as old as 70 have gone through fertility […]

The First OB Appointment

Yesterday, I decided to make my first “prenatal appointment”.  I actually found a new OB/GYN for myself and for my developing baby. I spent last week looking at websites and trying to find a doctor that I felt would be a suitable “match” for our family.  My previous OB/GYN was pretty up front about sharing her […]

All in the Smile

Maybe it’s due to sleep-deprivation, or maybe I’m just not very good at remembering landmarks. I know that my daughter’s first intentional smile took place at approximately four weeks, but I don’t remember the circumstances or the exact date. I also know that I should have written it down in her baby book while it […]

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