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Book Review: Inconceivable

I remember hearing rumblings in the news a while ago about a couple accidentally impregnated with the wrong embryos through in vitro fertilization, but I didn’t know the details of this family’s story until I was sent a book copy to review. Just looking at the front cover of the book let me know that […]

Are There Long Term Health Concerns With IVF?

The first baby conceived by in vitro fertilization (IVF), Louise Joy Brown turned 32 last month. Since then, millions of babies were born worldwide by this procedure. Although IVF is commonplace nowadays, there are still some people who think that IVF babies are “different.” A friend of mine gets annoyed when people ask her whether […]

IVF Embryo Mix-Up: What Would You Do?

It used to be said that a mom is always sure it’s her child but a man’s paternity can always be questioned. Not anymore. Every year, hundreds of thousands of embryos are implanted into women’s wombs during in vitro fertilization (IVF). What are the chances that an embryo is implanted in a womb where it […]

Tour De France Champ Lance Armstrong To Be A Dad Again

Lance Armstrong announces he’s to become a father after naturally impregnanting his girlfriend. Armstrong’s story of testicular cancer is well know.

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