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Are SAHM Kids Healthier?

I used to be an office-based working mom. Currently I am a work at home mom (wahm), which unfortunately, many people don’t take seriously as work. But I am a working mom and my kids are at a childcare facility while I am typing this on my home computer. It is with trepidation that I […]

Weekend Treats For Kids? May Want to Skip Fast Food Places

There’s the concern over transfat, and the concern over additives and preservatives in fast food meals in general. You’ve probably thought to yourself that that once in a while treat can’t hurt. And they’re so tiny in portions, at least you won’t have to worry about calories? Well, you can add shockingly high calories to […]

Coping with the Perimenopause

It is not uncommon for the first symptoms of the perimenopause to show themselves when we are in our mid thirties. Sometimes these symptoms are put down to stress, overwork, not enough sleep etc, but they can persist. As we get older our body can struggle to keep the natural cycle of hormones going as […]

Organic kiwifruit is healthier!

Good news for fruit lovers and organic consumers. More benefits from organic kiwifruit have been identified. Organic kiwifruit are found to be much healthier than the non-organic ones. This is according to a study by UC Davis scientists which showed that organically grown kiwifruit contains higher polyphenols, the same healthy compounds found in red wine […]

60% OFF Omron HJ-112 Digital Premium Pedometer

  Have you seen the recent studies about walking and how beneficial it is to your health? A pedometer is an awesome tool you can use to regulate and track your workout to make the most of your time. Save 60% on this pedometer at Carry it in your bag! The dual sensor technology […]

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