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Halloween Candy: The Truth About The Treats

THE weekend kids have been waiting for is over. For many health-conscious moms like me, it’s a nightmare of a weekend. Still, Halloween can be a fun affair without endangering our children’s health. For starters, let us take a look at some facts and myths regarding Halloween treats, courtesy of the University of Carolina School […]

Dirty Is The New Healthy. Are We Keeping Our Kids Too Clean?

Sandpit cowboys. That’s what I call my twin boys. At age 6 and a half, they still love the sandbox at the playground more than ever. OK, school, soccer and field hockey (with or without inline skates) keep them busy most of the time. However, they will go back to the sandbox at every opportunity, […]

Parenting Doesn’t Burn Many Calories

I have a 2 yr. old, and before she started walking, I used to carry her all over the house, up and down the stairs. I remember having her with me while I attended to my chores like vacuuming . It definitely felt like a workout to me, and despite putting a stop to my […]

Recession: are we cutting down on the wrong things?

Surprise! Surprise! It’s lean times but we are actually getting fat! This is because we may be cutting down on the wrong things. A survey conducted by the American Heart Association is showing a troubling trend, people are skimping on healthy activities due to the bad economy! Let’s check out what we are doing wrong: […]

Review: Healthy Child, Healthy World

This book starts out with a warning from the author to parents.  Readers are urged to not get overwhelmed by what they are about to read.  It’s a lot of information, the author admits, but don’t freak out.  I read that part and then continued on to the rest of the book, and promptly freaked […]

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