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Keeping the Sex of Your Baby From Your Husband

This week expectant mom Heidi Klum told E! that she won’t be telling hubbie Seal if they are having a boy or a girl. The baby, due this fall, will the couple’s third, and Heidi’s fourth. Heidi says that Seal doesn’t want to know, and so she’s being careful not to tell anyone just in […]

Absent Father Means Earlier Puberty In Girls

A PhD candidate at New Zealand’s Canterbury University has found that girls whose fathers are absent tend to enter puberty earlier than their counterparts whose fathers are part of the family unit. The study looked at pairs of sisters separated in age by at least two years, neither of whom had experienced their first period […]

How To Have a Baby Boy

Trying for a baby boy? While what only really matters is a healthy baby of either gender, many moms would admit they have a slight preference for one gender over the other, and perhaps wonder how to have a baby boy? I have a son, and if I could pick the gender of my next […]

Growing up too soon: early puberty in girls

Eight-year old girls should still be playing with dolls and reading fairy tales – and not worrying about cup sizes and monthly periods. Unfortunately, it seems that more and more girls are entering puberty at an early age. In 1997, a study on 17,000 girls in North Carolina showed that almost half of African Americans […]

Is it a boy or a girl? What if it’s not the gender you want?

Call me shallow, but before I got pregnant I wanted a baby, but really I wanted a girl. I wanted to buy her pink dresses, and Barbie dolls, take her shopping and braid her hair. I’m a girl, I understand girls, my whole family was female, except my Dad who was good-natured and totally outnumbered, […]

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