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Are Boys More Active Than Girls?

My husband and I are having fun “guessing” the gender of our child that is due in August.  We’ve checked the Chinese Birth Chart, and we’ve pondered our child’s heart rate. We’ve looked at the way I’m “carrying”–which is all out in the front.  Does that mean it’s a boy? I’ve also looked at my diet […]

The Second Pre-Natal Appointment

Today I’m going to share my second pre-natal appointment with Babies Online readers! My hope is that maybe this will be helpful to you though. I was nervous today because I’ve miscarried around four months before.  I am spotting now.  Is it “normal” or a sign of something ominous? At first, they had trouble finding the […]

“Boy” Toys are More Educational than “Girl” Toys

Even with the progress that has been made in equality of the sexes, and even among the children of my most right-on, feminist friends, little boys play with trucks and little girls play with dollies. I wonder if there’s some truth to the stereotype of boys liking cars and girls liking dolls. My son first […]

Daddy’s genes determine whether it’s a boy or girl

There was a time when preference for male offspring was very strong. A man started a family in order to produce an heir, an offspring to carry on the family name. Although this has since changed in most parts of the world, there are still cultures where gender preference (hence gender selection) is still practiced. […]

How To Have a Baby Boy

Trying for a baby boy? While what only really matters is a healthy baby of either gender, many moms would admit they have a slight preference for one gender over the other, and perhaps wonder how to have a baby boy? I have a son, and if I could pick the gender of my next […]

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