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Gender Disappointment: A Common Occurrence

I remember getting pregnant and the thought of “it’s gonna be a girl” popping in my head right away. I just KNEW I would have a girl. Everyone in my family had a girl first, and most importantly, I really, really wanted one.  I wanted to be able to do the ribbons and dresses thing, […]

Keeping the Sex of Your Baby From Your Husband

This week expectant mom Heidi Klum told E! that she won’t be telling hubbie Seal if they are having a boy or a girl. The baby, due this fall, will the couple’s third, and Heidi’s fourth. Heidi says that Seal doesn’t want to know, and so she’s being careful not to tell anyone just in […]

Gender and Old Wives’ Tales: Truth or Fiction?

My great-grandmother was a lay midwife and delivered many babies. She said she could “tell” if a baby was a boy or a girl and claimed that her methods were incredibly accurate. Since I’ve had an ultrasound which made it very clear that our child is a boy, I thought I’d evaluate some of the […]

More baby girls are born in the tropics

The myths and legends about baby gender and sex ratio abound. So do research studies and scientific theories. According to the basics of biology, the sex ratio in humans should be 50:50. In reality, however, the sex ratio among newborns is actually 106 boys to 100 girls (51.5% in favour of boys). Researchers believe that […]

The $35 Gender Test

I was shopping at my local Walgreen’s pharmacy where I spied a prenatal gender test for about $35.   No, I didn’t purchase the test, but I thought about it.  I still am thinking about the test. The test is called the Intelligender. Supposedly, it’s available at different pharmacies, but it can also be ordered online if you can’t find the […]

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