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Do I Really Need To Buy a Baby Food Maker?

Your little one is finally ready to try solid foods and you have made the decision to make you own baby food at home. While this is certainly a wise choice it can also lead to some questions about how to do it in the most cost effective and efficient way. A common question among […]

Saving Money on Baby Items

Now that we have two children, my husband and I like to think we’ve figured a few things out. We know how to diaper the kids so that they (usually) don’t leak. We can tell when they’re hungry – and when they’re just acting up because they’re kids. But most of all, we’ve figured out […]

Buying Second Hand Baby Clothes

Buying used or second hand baby clothes is an easy way to go green. Not only are the clothes being used again rather than going into the landfills or stored in the attic or basement for all eternity, but they are also helping to reduce the amount of packaging being thrown away. They’re also a […]

5 New Uses for Baby’s Receiving Blankets

At my baby shower for my first born, I received a number of useful items – socks, bottles, sleep sacks, and even diapers and wipes. But the most useful item, which we are still using on our now almost-2-year old daughter is the plethora of receiving blankets. Receiving blankets are not much more than a […]

5 Uses for Outgrown Baby Clothes

Anyone with a baby knows that they grow faster than you ever imagined. At first, you might not believe how big certain clothes are on your little one, but before you know it they’ll be too tight to wear. But don’t toss out those too small onesies, dresses and shirts quite yet — there are […]

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