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What Do You Do if You Are a Cabinet Minister and Have a Baby?

I’m so jealous of the French. Their politicians are just so much more exciting than ours. I adore president-elect Barak Obama but I can’t imagine he’s going to be embroiled in any kind of scandal that seems to be a requirement of any French cabinet minister – or President. First there was President Nicolas Sarkozy […]

France Bans Baby TV – Should America Ban Baby Television Shows?

Last week, France banned television shows aimed at the under threes. US channels like BabyFirstTV and Baby TV air in France. Legislators, concerned about possible developmental delays in babies who watch too much TV, called the BabyFirstTV and Baby TV channels a “danger”, and these channels will be going off-air in France. French cable broadcasters […]

Angelina Jolie in Hospital Awaiting Twins’ Birth

The latest development in one of the most anticipated twin pregnancies in Hollywood circle has Angelina Jolie in the hospital for their birth. She has been admitted to Lenval Hospital in Nice, France and a spokeswoman for the hospital has confirmed that mom is doing well. Not much more details has been given but that […]

French President Sarkozy’s Model Fiancee Pregnant?

Before Freedom Fries, and Freedom Bread, the French were often stereotyped as a nation of romance and lovers. Perhaps, sometimes it’s not too far from the truth. France’s new head of state, President Nicholas Sarkorzy, was divorced from his ex-wife C?cilia in October, and he is now engaged to Italian supermodel and singer Carla Bruni. […]

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