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Free Gifts, Coupons, and Samples from Enfamil

Let Your Baby Shower Begin! Get FREE goodies, such as an EnfamilĀ® Carryall and EnfaChill single bottle cooler. I’m Sorry, This Offer Is Now Expired. Join now and receive: FREE pre- and postnatal information and up to $60 in formula checks FREE diaper bag, Enfamil Feeding Kit, and samples FREE valuable JCPenney Portrait Offers Register […]

What Can I Do With Used Formula Cans?

Empty formula cans either end up in the trash, or start stack up in the kitchen. Can you recycle formula cans? The steel cans are recyclable, with other steel food cans. Most other cans, the kind made of cardboard, are actually made of composites of different materials, and usually can’t be recycled. So what do […]

Another Formula Danger: Rocket Fuel Chemical Found

Here are the highlights on this study done by the Center for Disease Control, and called attention to by the Environmental Workgroup: Trace amounts of perchlorate contamination was found in samples of formula being tested No names of brands were released, but most of the contamination came from formula derived from cow’s milk Perchlorate is […]

Baby’s First Solid Food

I didn’t want to do it. I really wanted to hold out until 6 months to introduce solid foods. Breast milk has all the nutrients she needs right now, and she’s growing up fast enough as it is. Why rush things? But after sleeping five to seven hour stretches for weeks, Ashley woke up hungry […]

When Breastfeeding, Persistence Pays

A new mom describes her struggles with breastfeeding

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