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Losing the Baby Weight…Finally

I’m not sure at what point it becomes ridiculous to refer to my excess weight as “baby weight,” but as I near my baby’s seventh birthday I’m pretty sure that I am no longer allowed to use the weight I gained during my two pregnancies as my excuse anymore. You May Know This Story Already […]

Moms: If You Don’t Workout You’re Missing Out!

Let’s get something straight right now: I’m not one of those moms who leaps up during commercial breaks and does squats. I tried a Mommy & Me yoga DVD and gave up after about five minutes because my baby wouldn’t stop crying. You will never find me jogging around the block, nor will you ever […]

Jogging For Moms

Do you remember when jogging strollers first became popular and how people laughed at them? Whoever is going to take their baby running, ha ha ha ha! Baby jogging stroller manufacturers have had the last laugh with that one. Spring has sprung and there are so many moms and dads running with babe in a […]

How Can I Exercise With a Baby? Mom and Baby Workouts

This preys on the minds of just about every mom – how am I ever going to loose the baby weight? When there’s no time for a shower most days, how can there be time for exercise? And who are you going to get to look after baby when you go to the gym? And […]

Physical fitness reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome in kids

Once again, I want to revisit the topic of physical exercise among kids. It’s nice to see our kids running and playing outdoors having fun. But aside from enjoyment, physical activities and exercise may actually protect our kids from having metabolic syndrome, according to a recent study. Metabolic syndrome is a problem among adolescents and […]

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