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One Time World’s Oldest Mother Dies at 69

Almost three years ago, Maria del Carmen Bousada gave birth to twins, setting the record as the oldest mother ever at age 66. This record was broken by Rajo Devi Lohan of India last year who gave birth for the first time at the ancient age of 70. However, Bousada is still the oldest mom […]

Scientists Breed Genetically Modified Glowing Puppies

Beagle puppy Ruby Puppy, or Ruppy for short, is the world’s first transgenic dog. Transgenic means that she has genes from another animal. Ruppy, and four other beagle puppies, were given a florescent gene from a sea anenome which makes her glow red under ultraviolet light. Ruppy and her sisters are all identical clones of […]

Can Fertility Drugs Cause Ovarian Cancer?

The use of fertility treatments have been rapidly increasing as more and more women are putting off their first pregnancy as late as possible while assisted reproduction technology provides more and more possibilities that go beyond the norms, e.g. motherhood beyond the menopausal stage. However, one of the major concerns of fertility treatments is the […]

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