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New Sunscreen Labeling Requirements

This June new sunscreen labeling will go into effect. Choosing a sunscreen for your child should be much easier. Here are some rules to follow: Make sure the bottle says “Broad spectrum”, which means that it protects against sunburn, cancer, and premature aging. In the past, any sunscreen could say this but the new rules […]

US FDA launches SAFEKIDS Initiative

The use of anesthetics and sedatives is necessary in performing certain medical interventions, from a simple tooth extraction to more complicated surgical procedures. However, there have been concerns about the effects of these medications on children’s developing brain. Studies in animals have linked sedative and anesthetic use to memory problems, learning deficits and other neurodegenerative […]

BPA Studies Continue in The US

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says that it plans to study the effects of BPA in depth in the future.  Currently, the FDA says that BPA’s are safe.  According to experts, the FDA bases this on the results of two studies done by other groups.  These studies, which were funded by chemical industries, claim […]

FDA to update product labeling for pregnant and breastfeeding women

We are all wary of taking drugs during pregnancy and nursing. But there are many among us who – for medical reasons – have to take medications, pregnant or not. I have to take thyroid replacement hormone everyday for the rest of my life. Others take pills for a wide range of pre-existing conditions such […]

Birth Control: Consumer Group Calls for Controversial Ortho Evra to be Banned

The Ortho-Evra patch was introduced in 2001 in a blaze of advertising hyping the benefits of the patch over the pill. The patch contains hormones similar to those in the contraceptive pill, except that they are absorbed through the skin. Patches are worn in a four-week cycle. A patch is worn for a week at […]

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