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The Value of Knowing Your Family’s Health History

You may know your genealogy by heart but do you know everything there is to know about your family health history? The US Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin recently issued a statement emphasizing the value of family health history and urged Americans to take this opportunity of sharing family health history with the younger generation. […]

Family Stories from the Winter Olympics

You would never associate the Olympic games with family dramas, right? But this year’s 2010 Vancouver Olympics has more than its usual portion of family stories. Here are couple: Father and daughter make Olympic history Athanasios and Panagiota are part of the 7-person Greek Olympic team. The pair will be competing in the biathlon category. […]

Parenting “Solo” While Pregnant

My husband retired from the military after 22 years recently. I was thrilled for many reasons, but mostly because I thought he’d be home! No more lengthy separations due to work responsibilities. I never thought he’d land a civilian job which required him to travel extensively! I am almost 24 weeks pregnant at this point […]

Seven steps to fight childhood obesity

A panel of experts which included doctors and psychologists came up with a new model to fight childhood and adolescent obesity. The model consists of 7 steps, each step with increasing intensity. The so-called Seven Steps to Success are Medical Management. This step should be a joint effort between parents and pediatricians. The parents should have […]

Baby Naming Etiquette

I am astounded at the things I am learning about pregnancy, even though this is not my first.  Today, I learned that I had angered a distant relative when I named my now 11 year old child Rebekkah.  Apparently, the distant relative wanted to name her child Rebekkah and felt I’d “stolen” her name. This […]

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