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Save Me A Spot!

I just checked out a new grocery store in our neighborhood and I was surprised to see several reserved parking spots. This particular store has the usual spots for the employee of the month and the handicapped spots. However, it also had several reserved spots for pregnant women. I’ve seen this before, so I was […]

Going ?beyond chicken nuggets? at the NYC Wine & Food Festival

The New York City Wine & Food Festival will be on October 9 to 12, 2008. And I’m glad to read it’s not only for gastronomists and wine connoisseurs. There’s also something for parents concerned about their children’s health. What’s more, one of my favorite authors will actually be there. On 12 October is the […]

More Moms Co-Sleep Than You Think

With Dr Ferber, Weisbluth and all the doctors who have written books telling parents all about the importance of independent sleeping, your grandma, your mom, and the enormous variety of cribs and mobiles and crib bedding sets available in retails stores across the nation, you could be forgiven for thinking that every baby in the […]

The “New” Large Family Trend

Recently, I’ve found numerous articles about the new trend – you know, the large family ‘trend’. According to all the statistics, families with more than 2 children are increasing. Most of the articles site the 2004 study where 11 percent of US births in that year were to women who already had three children. This […]

Toddler Goes International… Grandparents and Great Grandparents,

We live in America and this week we are visiting our families in the UK. We survived my in-laws, and now it’s my husband’s turn to visit his in-laws, we are now staying with my Mom and Dad. Toddler finds a kindred spirit in my Dad. My Dad is the sort who can entertain a […]

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