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Child Development: Single Parent vs Two Parent Home

Here’s something that single parents everywhere may rejoice over: In a recent study done by an Ohio State University professor, they found no difference in school performance between children of single parents and those of two-parent homes.  (Provided that the children come from stable homes.) Providing a Stable Home is Key The study gathers data from 5,000 families across three decades.  Their […]

Supreme Court Judge Nominee Sonia Sotomayor and Her Mom

Sonia Sotomayer is one of the most remarkable Supreme Court nominees in history. If her nomination is approved by Senate, she’ll be the first Hispanic to serve on the Supreme Court, and only the third woman. She was born in New York to Puerto Rican parents, and was raised in the Bronx. Her father died […]

Public or Private? The Obamas face the school choice decision

As Amy Carter walked through the doors of Thaddeus Stevens Elementary School, the media had a heyday. But most of the country?s top politicians ever since have opted instead for private schools. So a lot of people this week are urging the Obamas to make the PC decision and send their two daughters, Sasha and […]

5 Things I Hate and Love About Being a Student Mom

I’m going to school right now to pursue another degree. I’m one of those whom statistics cite as changing their field of career at least once within their lifetime. With that comes a lot of sacrifice, juggling of schedules, and many other unique stressors that accompany being a “student mom”. 5 Things I Hate: Having […]

Waldorf toys inspire the imagination

Yesterday I visited an amazing toy store, in search of a gift for my nephew?s first birthday. The store carries Waldorf-style toys, as well as other wood and fabric toys. While I used to ?poo-poo? people who prefer that their children play with these natural types of toys, viewing them as elitist and a bit […]

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