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Do You Really Need A Changing Table?

Many people, new parents included, are closely evaluating their purchases to stretch their dollars as far as possible. Some budget stretching ideas may include purchasing gently used items at thrift stores or borrowing items from friends. Another great way to stretch your budget dollars is to simply not buy items you won’t use regularly. Is […]

Economy DOWN = Abortions, vasectomies UP

Though it’s too early to produce long-term research, anecdotal evidence is linking the struggling economy with more abortions and vasectomies. Why? People simply can’t afford more kids right now. Former president of the American Urological Association and practicing urologist Lawrence Ross said the number of men seeking vasectomies had remained consistent over the years–about 500,000 […]

Family pets feel the financial crisis, too

Cheryl Lang spends her days inspecting foreclosed homes. Business is picking up for her lately. But when she walked into the backyard of an Arkansas home, she discovered something that probably made her wish she’d taken the day off. Three dogs, locked in their pet carriers, had been left behind by the evicted homeowners. Without […]

Santa got laid off, and I think I’m OK with that

We have never been in the habit of using credit cards to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. We’ve given more when we had more, and given nothing when we had nothing. As my father said to us during our last Christmas with him, “Your presence is my present.” But most of us know it’s […]

The Economy is Struggling, Money is Tight, But Would Your Sell Your Eggs?

Times have been tough lately. What have you done to economize? I’ve been biking more and driving less, shopping for only seasonal produce, and I had my cable TV disconnected and replaced by a Netflix subscription (update: don’t miss television at all!) Some women are considering more interesting options to help with their finances. Fertility […]

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