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Was This The Easter Bunny’s Last Visit?

My twin boys are turning 8 in May. And they are becoming rather knowledgeable about the facts of life. Anytime now, the day that I’ve been dreading will come, the day when my kids will look at me accusingly and say “Mommy, you lied!”. Yes, guilty as charged. I lied about Santa last December (and […]

Easter Story Cookies

If you like to celebrate the religious significance of Easter, try making Easter story cookies! A friend of mine gave me this recipe years ago to share with my now-12 year old son. More of a meringue than a cookie, this recipe is a fun and clever way to tell the Easter story with preschoolers. […]

How to face the Easter “sweets challenge”

It’s the same every year: as a mom of two preschoolers, I have to face the “sweets challenge” three times a year: on Halloween, at Christmas, and now at Easter. It’s not that I maintain a zero tolerance for sweets. No, I don’t believe in complete abstinence. What I advocate is moderation. After all, I […]

Ash Wednesday for the religious and secular family

Millions of Christians around the world celebrate Lent, the 40 day period that leads up to Easter. Maybe you are one of them. I once celebrated Lent, and I had no idea why! I didn’t know the first thing about Lent when I was growing up. But one of my school friends was Catholic. She […]

Avoiding the Easter Candy? …

…Safe and Fun Easter Baskets for the Wee Ones Last year, was my son’s second Easter, but the first one that he “got.” With a February birthday, the first one was as interesting to him as paint drying, but last year’s presented a dilemma for a mama with a 14-month old at the time. I […]

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