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The Importance of DHA

We’ve been reading a lot about the importance of DHA as “brain food” for children and adults, alike, but what exactly is DHA? DHA, or docosahexaenoic acid, is an essential Omega-3 fatty acid found naturally in foods like salmon, tuna and other coldwater fish, as well as flax and pumpkin seeds. Most children and toddlers’ […]

Six Must-Read Parenting Books

Just as I turned to pregnancy books before my little one was born, I turned to parenting books in the first few weeks after her birth.

Here is a short list of the titles I would recommend, buy for close friends and keep on my bookshelf for years to come.

“Accidental” Attachment Parenting

Before I had my daughter, I never imagined I’d allow her to nurse as much as she wanted—sometimes using me as a pacifier. I was staunchly against co-sleeping, and couldn’t imagine holding her nearly every waking hour. I’ll be honest; my perception of “attachment parenting” was that it’s a new age-y concept designed for SAHMs […]

Why co-sleeping with baby works

According to the renowned William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N., there is a very good argument to support co-sleeping, or sleeping with your baby. The pair prefer the term ?shared sleep? when it comes to parents and babies sharing beds and sleep-time. They claim that teaching or training the young baby to put herself […]

When baby starts teething

I’ve turned to the trusty Dr. Sears, now that our perfect little 4 ? month old has stopped sleeping. He slept anywhere from between 8 and 10 hours at a stretch from 2 to 4 months of age, and now there are nights where he is up every 1-3 hours. Yikes! I know he?s been […]

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