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Child Development: Single Parent vs Two Parent Home

Here’s something that single parents everywhere may rejoice over: In a recent study done by an Ohio State University professor, they found no difference in school performance between children of single parents and those of two-parent homes.  (Provided that the children come from stable homes.) Providing a Stable Home is Key The study gathers data from 5,000 families across three decades.  Their […]

When Your Ex Finds Out You’re Pregnant

Life in modern day society can be very complex and confusing.  Sometimes, I wish there was a book about how to handle certain situations with grace, calmness, and dignity.  Alas, there is no book and some situations are just going to be downright ugly. Seven years ago, I left my abusive ex-husband and began to […]

Preparing for Single Parenthood

My husband will soon be moving to another country for a year as a result of a military assignment.  He’s gone away before, but the longest he had ever been gone was for six months.  A year is a long time to be gone, so essentially I get to be a single mom for the […]

Thanksgiving, Divorce, and Blended Families

Last Thanksgiving wasn’t this complicated. This year, there’s me, my son, my boyfriend, his three kids, his ex-wife, her boyfriend, his ex and his kids, boyfriend’s dad, his girlfriend, boyfriend’s mom, her boyfriend, then there’s my ex-husband. (That sentence simplified: many divorced couples, new relationships, many kids from broken homes, not everyone is on civil […]

Madonna, Guy Ritchie, Their Kids, and Her Books

When British Indie movie film director wed Madonna, whoever thought it would last? Well, they were married in 2000 for almost eight seemingly peaceful years, including the birth of their son Rocco in August 2000 and adoption of baby David from Malawi in 2006. Rumors of Madonna’s infidelity with baseball player Alex Rodriguez have been […]

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