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Gestational Diabetes Test

I can not believe that I am already 28 weeks pregnant! It won’t be too much longer until our little one arrives. For today’s visit, I had to have testing to see if I have gestational diabetes.  For this test, you will be asked to drink an incredibly sweet drink.  You’ll have to wait an […]

Halloween for your diabetic child

Isn’t it a bummer? Sweets and sweets every where but not a piece to eat? There are many people out there with diabetes and have therefore special dietary requirements. Unfortunately, these include little children. I have 2 young children who are fortunately not diabetic and tend towards moderation when it comes to sweets. Still, we […]

Common bacteria protest against Type-1 diabetes

Once again we learn that our ultra-clean environments are not good for the kids. Researchers at Yale and the University of Chicago have found that common human bacteria protect against diabetes. Many parents are familiar with the ‘hygiene hypothesis’. That is, reduced exposure to bacteria, viruses and parasites lowers our children’s immune systems. Therefore they […]

Link between gum disease and gestational diabetes

Researchers have found that pregnant women with gum disease may have a higher risk of developing gestational diabetes than those with healthy gums. A study showed that the 8 percent of women who developed gestational diabetes had higher levels of gum-disease-causing bacteria and inflammation. While gestational diabetes occurs during pregnancy and usually disappears once the […]

Be Careful of Sorbitol

An article in the British Medical Journal has urged people to be careful of the sweetener, sorbitol. Research in Berlin Medical School on two people with severe diarrhea indicated that it was caused by an excessive intake of sorbitol, when this sweetener was removed from their diet the symptoms disappeared. Sorbitol is also known as […]

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