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When’s that baby gonna’ walk?!

Well, my baby girl is now 13 months old. She cruises around the furniture without a second thought. She pushes chairs around the dining room making “vroom” sounds like a little boy. She has even stood up for several seconds 0n a couple of occasions before she realized she wasn’t holding anything. But she will […]

Fun things to do with your 6-9 month old baby

I can’t believe that our baby is about to hit the six-month mark. Half a year has really whizzed by! Here are some fun ways to play and learn with your 6-9 month old. Between the ages of 6-9 months, babies become more alert and mobile. They will enjoy playing with toys that they can […]

Baby’s First Words

For many English-speaking children, the words “mama” and “dada” are two of the first words they learn to say consistently. Traditional logic dictates that the reason for this is because a baby is drawn to their parents, and (in most cases) their parents are the predominant people in their young lives. However, scientists believe they […]

Save on this Lamaze Trotter the Pony at

For today only at, save on this developmental toy for baby.

This soft toy encourages the use of baby’s motor skills by responding to touch with specific sounds and is currently on sale for only $16.99.

Some products features:

* Electronic sounds when legs are pulled

I Want to be Four

This morning my daughter slept until 8:00, which is a luxury I never really get to indulge in since my son usually wakes up around 5:00. I checked on her around 7:30 and saw how comfortable she was snoozing under her covers, and that’s when it hit me: I was jealous of her. I wanted […]

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