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The Benefit of Skin-to-skin Contact After Delivery

When my twins were born at 35 weeks, they were immediately whisked to the neonatal station for a thorough check up and a stint in the incubator. It was more than 12 hours later when I could finally see, much more, hold them. Those waiting hours were probably among the longest in my life. From […]

Distractions during labor

I won’t pretend to know what it feels like to be in labor. I was one of those C-section moms due to valid medical reasons. But I’ve witnessed deliveries of a friend and a sister and I can imagine that distractions during labor could come in handy. Maternal belly dancing What about belly dancing in […]

Unusual Places to Give Birth

While a first-time labor and delivery usually lasts around many hours, sometimes, babies just decide that they are coming out. Now. Babies are occasionally born on airplanes, on the subway, on the front lawn, and more often than you would think in a car on the way to hospital. A mom in Cambridge, in the […]

What NOT To Say To A Pregnant Woman

I am only slightly showing with my child, but I am already wearing maternity clothing. My teen asked me why this was the other day. Because I feel the need to make it obvious to the world that I am slightly larger than usual because I am pregnant, not because I am almost 40 and […]

Teen learned she was pregnant at the delivery room

Could one ever be pregnant without knowing it? Apparently this Swiss teenager didn’t. Just before Christmas, the 13-year-old girl suffered from severe abdominal pains at school and was rushed to the hospital. School authorities thought it was acute appendicitis. The doctors came up with another diagnosis – labor pains. The girl gave birth to a […]

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