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Buying Safe Toys This Holiday Season

As the holidays approach and toy catalogs begin to arrive in the mail, toy shoppers can become overwhelmed with all the choices. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) wants parents and consumers to know that safeguards put in place in recent years are making a positive impact and helping to restore confidence in the […]

Moms Contemplating Your Mortality – Making a Will

On Wednesday, we heard tragic news of the death of actress Natasha Richardson from a skiing accident (featured on right). And across the pond, celebrity watching has taken a ghoulish turn with the obsessive coverage of cancer-stricken reality TV star Jade Goody‘s imminent death. After being diagnosed with terminal cancer and given just weeks to […]

The Circle of Life

I remember finding out on Christmas Day that we were expecting our newest arrival.  I remember calculating due dates and realizing that this child was due to arrive the day after my grandmother’s birthday in August. We just got word that my grandmother is dying.  She has been ill for a while, but things have […]

Miscommunications between parents and doctors

First of all, this post can make you feel bad, even depressed. But it’s an important issue that some parents and parents-to-be might have to face. So if you are not up to some sad posts today, please don’t read this. It’s every mother’s, every parent’s nightmare – a baby or a child who are […]

Tough Questions

My daughter learned to speak at a very early age. She has always had a huge vocabulary for her age, and although I think it helped a lot when it came to discipline because she could convey her wants and needs and she could also understand what I was asking of her, she also came […]

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