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Nursing a Cold While Breastfeeding

It stinks to be a sick mom. There’s no way around that. Housework still needs to be done, dinner cooked, children cared for – even if you feel as if you just want to down a shot of Nyquil and crawl under the covers for about a week. When you’re a nursing mother – whether […]

Dealing with Being Sick: When Mom Gets Ill

It’s awful when our little ones get sick. Then, once we have cuddled them and soothed them and worried about them and stayed up with a coughing baby, and sent our husbands out to buy Motrin at 4 a.m., they get better, and we get sick with the same thing. It’s winter, which means coughs, […]

Caring for an Infant with a Cold

All parents know that it is just no fun when your child is sick. It is particularly difficult when your infant is sick as they cannot communicate with you what is bothering them.  Sometimes you just wish that they could talk so that you could help solve their problems. My four month old little guy […]

Boogie Wipes Swipe Away Runny Noses

Cold and flu season has attacked with a vengeance. Kids everywhere have runny noses or worse, those awful boogers caked beneath their noses. On a normal day, I wipe or pull at least two of those out of Ashley’s nose. Running the heat in the house also dries up sinuses and can cause congestion. A […]

Here Come the Colds

If you’re like me – a mom who has one or more children who are more prone to get sick because of a medical condition – then you’re cringing that the weather has cooled and people are preparing to take their fun activities indoors where germs run rampant. My son is prone to get sick […]

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