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Cheers! Drink to your health

We are what we drink. Researchers looked into the health effects of 4 of the most favorite drinks in the Western world besides water – tea, coffee, cocoa, and wine. Here are the results. Tea – Dutch researchers reported that tea has beneficial effects on your heart. Green tea is especially rich in strong oxidants […]

I Need an Energy Boost

I’m writing this at 11:15 at night, big cup of coffee at my side, fully aware that in less than six or seven hours I’ll be crawling out of bed and starting another full day of writing, cleaning, and chasing my two kiddos around. I know I should be asleep, but hey…a mom’s gotta do […]

Make Your Minds Up, Doctors… Coffee: It’s Evil Again.

There’s been much fuss lately over whether coffee is safe to drink during pregnancy. A summary of the current research: it’s probably safe in moderation, but don’t drink 47 cokes or ten gallons of coffee a day if pregnant. However, doctors in the Netherlands have discovered the drinking coffee before you get pregnant may be […]

Maybe Coffee Isn’t All That Bad

I love coffee. Every morning begins with a cup. Whenever I head off to a meeting or have a long drive ahead of me I’ll stop by Starbucks or another local shop and load up on some coffee. Yes indeed, I am a fan of coffee. When I got pregnant I stopped drinking coffee with […]

The Benefits of Shade Grown Coffee

For those coffee lovers among you, you may have wondered what this shade grown coffee that we have been hearing about is. Shade grown coffee is grown in the shade of larger trees and bushes, usually in the rain forests of Central and South America, Indonesia and Africa. Because of this it grows more slowly […]

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