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Is Co-Sleeping Dangerous?

In the last 10 weeks, four babies have died co-sleeping with their parents or grandparents in Milwaukee, and currently police are investigating a fifth death,  of a two-month-old baby boy who died in his mother’s bed on Sunday. I started reading the news report wondering what could cause so many tragic deaths in such a […]

“Accidental” Attachment Parenting

Before I had my daughter, I never imagined I’d allow her to nurse as much as she wanted—sometimes using me as a pacifier. I was staunchly against co-sleeping, and couldn’t imagine holding her nearly every waking hour. I’ll be honest; my perception of “attachment parenting” was that it’s a new age-y concept designed for SAHMs […]

Why co-sleeping with baby works

According to the renowned William Sears, M.D. and Martha Sears, R.N., there is a very good argument to support co-sleeping, or sleeping with your baby. The pair prefer the term ?shared sleep? when it comes to parents and babies sharing beds and sleep-time. They claim that teaching or training the young baby to put herself […]

More Moms Co-Sleep Than You Think

With Dr Ferber, Weisbluth and all the doctors who have written books telling parents all about the importance of independent sleeping, your grandma, your mom, and the enormous variety of cribs and mobiles and crib bedding sets available in retails stores across the nation, you could be forgiven for thinking that every baby in the […]

Co-sleeping: Pros and Cons

Co-sleeping. Some parents of babies (and in a few cases, toddlers) swear by it, and others swear to never do it. Whichever side of the fence you sit, it can become a heated topic. Here are some thoughts for and against co-sleeping: For babies tend to sleep more soundly when cuddled with a parent breastfeeding […]

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