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How To Recognize Your Child’s Bad Habits Before They Begin

When my first baby was born I had a hard time getting her to sleep at night unless she was lying on my chest. Any reasonable new parent with an iota¬†of experience dealing with newborns wouldn’t have done what I did, but you can probably guess how I got her to sleep every night. There […]

Tandem Snoozing

I co-slept with both of my babies, although it was never really my intention to do so. I?ve always been the type of person who cherishes sleep, so when we brought our daughter home from the hospital I was quite shocked at my newborn?s apparent aversion to sleeping for more than an hour at a time. I?d never been around a newborn so this lack of sleeping was quite unexpected.

One day when my daughter was around two weeks old, with me in a fatigue-induced stupor, I lay down on the bed with my daughter. She nudged her head against me in an attempt to…

Co-sleeping: Is it for you?

When I was pregnant, I heard you should never sleep with your baby. You might roll on her, she might get wedged between the wall and the mattress, she might suffocate, or die from SIDS. So I did my homework. Attachment Parenting International offers some guidelines for safe co-sleeping. Around the world, co-sleeping is the […]

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