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The Day After Halloween: Which Candy is Safe For my Toddler?

If your family participated in the holiday celebrations, you are probably overwhelmed at the sheer amount of candy your children have gotten in a few hours! I admit that I don’t buy candy for my kids. When Halloween arrives, they absolutely love to trick-or-treat and they actually list the different types of candy they have […]

Suspicion of more tainted Chinese milk products

A couple of weeks ago it became sadly obvious that consuming something made in China is dangerous. Thousands of babies suffered kidney stones or worse after drinking formula tainted with melamine, an industrial chemical. Worse, it is suspected that the melamine was added intentionally in order to bolster the protein levels. Until now, you might […]

Cheers! Drink to your health

We are what we drink. Researchers looked into the health effects of 4 of the most favorite drinks in the Western world besides water – tea, coffee, cocoa, and wine. Here are the results. Tea – Dutch researchers reported that tea has beneficial effects on your heart. Green tea is especially rich in strong oxidants […]

Fabulous News For Pregnant Chocoholics!

With Valentine’s day approaching, and Easter not far away, perhaps you’ll be receiving some chocolate soon. Oooh, but what about watching your weight? Researchers in Finland, who appear to be chocoholics, studied 300 pregnant women. They asked the women to record their diets and stress levels while pregnant, and then visited with the mothers and […]

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