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Gender and Old Wives’ Tales: Truth or Fiction?

My great-grandmother was a lay midwife and delivered many babies. She said she could “tell” if a baby was a boy or a girl and claimed that her methods were incredibly accurate. Since I’ve had an ultrasound which made it very clear that our child is a boy, I thought I’d evaluate some of the […]

Are Boys More Active Than Girls?

My husband and I are having fun “guessing” the gender of our child that is due in August.  We’ve checked the Chinese Birth Chart, and we’ve pondered our child’s heart rate. We’ve looked at the way I’m “carrying”–which is all out in the front.  Does that mean it’s a boy? I’ve also looked at my diet […]

Chinese Gender Charts–Do They Work?

During each of my many pregnancies, I spent a great time checking out gender prediction methods. Actually, more than not, many people were happy to offer their tried and true methods of prediction to me, especially when they found out I was pregnant again after having 4 girls. Would our next child be male or […]

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