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Don’t Fry! Sun safety tips for the whole family

As the summer season approaches, and as we start to enjoy the great outdoors, we need to be reminded of sun safety for ourselves and for our family. It is no coincidence that several health observances in this month of May focus on how to protect ourselves from the sun: May is Ultraviolet Awareness Month […]

Texas toddler dies of swine flu, infected up to 91

The swine flu has claimed its first fatal victim in the US – a 23-month old baby in Texas. The current official CDC count of confirmed cases in the US is 91 in 10 states. The earliest confirmed case of swine flu in Mexico, referred by doctors a patient “zero”, is a 5-year old boy […]

The Europeans’ love for the outdoors

This post was partly inspired by fellow blogger brit’s post on spending time outdoors with kids and partly by my boys’ preschool schedule of activities. Springtime is expected to be here soon and according to their schedule, lots of time will be spent going to the forest, hiking, and exploring nature’s seasonal changes. And with […]

On helmets and safety

The tragic death of Natasha Richardson on the ski slopes has sparked a debate on whether wearing helmets should be mandatory while skiing. Winter sports is a big thing here in Switzerland where we are currently living. Everybody skis, well, almost everybody, and I am one of the very few who can’t or don’t. Swiss […]

Vitamin use is highest in kids who don’t need them

Children who are fit and healthy are more likely to take vitamin supplements than those who actually need them. This is the result of a study by researchers at the University of California Davis. We live in an era of vitamin supplementation as millions of people swallow supplement pills each day ranging from your OTC […]

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