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Cancer Experts Issue Processed Meats Warning

Let’s face it, some children are tough to feed. Most parents know that their children are notoriously picky eaters. Some of us parents, not wanting to fight a losing battle will just give them what they want, just so they will eat something. Well, according to some cancer experts, if processed meats falls into that […]

Seven steps to fight childhood obesity

A panel of experts which included doctors and psychologists came up with a new model to fight childhood and adolescent obesity. The model consists of 7 steps, each step with increasing intensity. The so-called Seven Steps to Success are Medical Management. This step should be a joint effort between parents and pediatricians. The parents should have […]

Alliance Healthcare Initiative: Insurance companies join the fight against childhood obesity

It is nice to know that some insurance companies can also have a social conscience and join the fight against obesity. We have already featured one such initiative – Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. Another initiative is called the Alliance for a Healthier Generation which is a joint initiative of the American Heart Association […]

New Gaming Systems as Childhood Exercise?

I recently overheard a department store employee tempting a mother to purchase one gaming system over another largely because the “extra activity of this system will burn off more energy.” Mom seemed intrigued. Looking down the aisle, I noticed her son was a couple Oreo’s short of “husky” size. So I give the salesman credit […]

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